Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Source Server 0.3 goals

Well, it turns out that my 0.2 release was a little buggy but Ted (luser) was able to hack his srcsrv.ini file to overwrite the URL I had indexed into the pdb files so that he was able to pull code from my server. Instead of hacking the 0.2 and fixing that though, I am moving forward with 0.3 which is to put into symbolstore.py the ability to do the cvs pulls.

This is the most complicated part yet, for me, because I am not too familiar with python and because I still see all this code as a nebulous cloud and finding the path from A to B is difficult.

So my steps toward my 0.3 goal so far have been:

  • Reading up on Python and how it works with some: Python Tutorials

  • Studying the logic of symbolstore.py

And coming soon, some hacks of symbolstore.py to see what kind of havoc I can wreak.

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