Friday, December 3, 2010

Please use TryChooser

Recently there were some improvements to the trychooser and the landing of those changes led to a couple of bugs[1][2] being discovered and quickly fixed.  It is thanks to those who are regularly using the trychooser that we are able to find bugs quickly and also continue to improve the tryserver.

Right now there are over 350 backed up test/talos requests for the tryserver and when I checked our report for trychooser usage it shows that the average number of users pushing with a try syntax has fallen below 50% where it used to be closer to 60%.

I encourage you to please use the trychooser syntax as much as possible. If you do not need every single try result for your patch, do not just push to try and use up all the resources needlessly. Take a moment to insert some try syntax into your commit message.

See for details and for a simple try syntax builder.

Thanks in advance.